Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wat Palelai ~ Phra Khun Paen With Sacred Mitmor Collection Set BE2553.

This is a particular sacred Khun Paen With Sacred Mitmor Collection Set, blessed at Wat Palelai - Grand Ceremony in year BE 2553. Boost the power by added Sacred Gems and featured with Sacred Holy Mitmor.
Thai Amulets Code: 458
Monk: Mass Chanted.
Temple: Wat Palelai - SuphanBuri Province.
Special: This Kamakan Set Khun Paen with Mitmor sacred knife was blessed by many Top monks at Wat Palelai in year BE 2553. Featured 3 big Khun Paen (height 5.5cm) with embedded sacred gems for each of them, 2 small sacred Khun Paen and powerful sacred Holy Mitmor knife (lenght 13cm) with carved of Yant on the blade. This is one Phra Khun Paen Amulet that I can highly recommend to anyone. Supplied with temple box.
Effect: Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Good in dealing with ppl, Good in relationship, Improve to strong money luck and strong business luck, Mitmor in strong protection from evil, harm and black magic.
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