Saturday, February 19, 2011

LP Keow ~ Wat Hui Ngor - Mitmor Leknampee Magic Knife.

These magic knife Mitmor Leknampee were consecrated by LP Keow - Wat Hui Ngor, featured carved Yant and Lersi Head Batch.
LP Keow or Phor Than Keow - Wat Hui Ngor, is famously making efficacous LP Tuad, Phra Pidta, Palakit, and many many more....Thai Amulets Code: 539
Monk: LP Keow.
Temple: Wat Hui Ngor.
Special: These Mitmor Leknampee, magic knife were strongly blessed by LP Keow, Lenght 5.8" Inch. One of the handle has an image of “Lersi Head”. The blade is made from Holy metal mixed with Leknampee, plus sacred Yant. The sheath is made from sacred Holy Wood, both of the sheath are bind with thread. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine.
Effect: Powerful for destroying black magic, Protection from evil, For authority and healing.
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