Saturday, April 2, 2011

PT Thit ~ Wat Machimmaram - Maikru With Takrut Inside.

Very good effect for this MaiKru featured Takrut inside and made from sacred Wood with Yant, strongly blessed by Phor Than Thit - Wat Machimmaram. Length 10.8cm
My visited to Wat Machimmaram, Kelantan state of Malaysia.

Thai Amulets Code: 607 Monk: PT Thit or Phor Than Thit. Temple: Wat Uttamaram. Special: This beautiful MaiKru made from sacred Wood (Length 10.8cm) was blessed by Phor Than Thit - Wat Machimmaram. The Maikru inside featured a solid Takrut (have sound when shaking) and the body is made from Holy sacred Wood with efficacious Yant by PT Thit. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine. Effect: Success and undefeat, People respect the owner and gain leadership power everyday, Attract the right kind of opportunity and people to you, Successful in everything that you do, Overcome all barriers in life, Business and sales luck. Price: SOLD, thanks for support. (West Malaysia, free courier fee) Accept PayPal, Western Union, Maybank, Public Bank. Rent and Email/Phone no. to: / +6 0165555291 .

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