Saturday, July 2, 2011

LP Dam ~ Wat Mai Naparam - Jumbo Phra Pidta Nur Wahn With Cert & Made 109pcs Only BE 2539.

This is Rare and very Hard to find - Jumbo Phra Pitda Nur Wahn created 109 pcs only and blessed by Luang Phor Dam in BE 2539. Featured LP Dam's Hair, code plate, 发财'richer' carved at base and Original temple Cert. LP Dam amulets remain in great demand, and highly recommended.

Luang Phor Dam - Wat Mai Naparam was the first disciple of Luang Phor Dee, Wat Sangha Sitharam. LP Dee, who himself was a direct disciple of Luang Phor Kron - Tok Raja. LP Dam passed away a few years ago in BE 2551, aged 67. Thai Amulets Code: 769

Monk: LP Dam.

Temple: Wat Mai Naparam.

Special: This is Super Rare and Hard To Find Jumbo Phra Pitda (height 3.3cm) strongly blessed by Luang Phor Dam in year BE 2539. Featured visible to see the LP Dam's Hair , Code plate at front and temple issued the Certificate. Made of sacred Nur Wahn, while featured with efficacious Yant around the body, plus 发财 'richer' carved at the bottom. This batch is added Brown lacquer and made 109 pcs only. This is one Beautiful Phra Pidta that I can highly recommend to anyone. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine.

Effect: Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good fortune especially business and authority.

Price: SOLD, Thanks for support.

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