Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chao Khun Mit ( PT Mit ) ~ Wat Uttamaram - Phra Pidta 5宝铜Sartaklohak With Kring - 3Gold & 2Silver Takruts With Certificate BE 2542.

Very Rare & Efficacious Phra Pidta 5宝铜Sartaklohak With Kring and featured 3Gold & 2Silver Takruts, Gold Code and series number 43. Supplied with Original temple box and Donation Certificate issued by Wat Uttamaram, strongly blessed by PT Mit, the 3rd Chief Abbot of Wat Uttamaram. This Pim is made 99 units only.

PT Mit Phra Pidta Kring BE 2542 5宝铜Sartaklohak been published by local Thai Amulets Magazine as Hard Cover image, please see below.

Phor Than Mit, 3rd Chief Abbot of Wat Uttamaram - Kelantan, he was one of Senior Disciples Of Tok Raja (LP Kron). PT Mit often moves around Wat Uttamaram, Wat Peyaram and Wat Uttamayanmuni to speard teaching of Buddhism. He passed away in year BE2544 and his body was cremated at Wat Uttamaram.

Thai Amulets Code: 1240Monk: CK Mit or Phor Than Mit.
Temple: Wat Uttamaram & Wat Peyaram.
Special: This is Powerful Phra Pidta 5宝铜Sartaklohak With Kring (Height 2.5cm) strongly blessed by CK Mit in year BE2542. Featured Stunning Tok Raja's Pidta image with mixed sacred 5宝铜Sartaklohak materials and embedded 3Gold & 2Silver Takruts at base. This Pidta is added Kring Ball with sound when shaking and 'Gold Code' with series number 43. This Pidta with Yants around the body is strongly blessed by PT Mit himself in year BE 2542 and with invited many other Tok Raja's disciples to blessed in Grand Ceremony. Supplied with Original Temple Box and Donation Certificate issued by Wat Uttamaram. This Batch Pidta 5宝铜Sartaklohak is made 99 pcs only. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good fortune especially business and authority, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune.
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