Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LP Koon ~ Wat Banrai - Phra Somdej Soaked Holy Water With Gold Takrut 72nd Birthday BE 2537.

This is Powerful Phra Somdej 72nd Birthday batch is soaked in Holy Water and strongly blessed by LP Koon for 72 days for transfering power into the amulet. Featured Phra Somdej with Soaked Holy Water image and embedded Gold Takrut at front, with sacred Yant at both side and LP Koon's image at back. Additional LP Koon Rian embedded at temple box surface. LP Koon destroyed the moulds, no further copies could be remade in the future.

LP Koon is very good in dhamma and samadi, He also known to possess Wichah (magic). LP Koon's fame reached new heights in 1993, when a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed hotel clutching an amulet with his image on it. Stories about of LP Khun's followers who have won the lottery.Luang Phor Koon chanted the most amulets in Thailand. Many temples and people would create the amulets and asked him to bless. Luang Phor Koon is very powerful in the Wichah (magic).

Thai Amulets Code: 1428
Monk: Luang Phor Koon.
Temple: Wat BanRai.
Special: This is Superb Phra Somdej Soaked Holy Water & Gold Takrut (Height 3.3cm) strongly blessed by LP Koon in year BE2537. This batch is for celebrated LP Koon 72nd Birthday in year BE 2537 and strongly blessed by LP Koon for 72 days for transfering power into the Somdej. Featured stunning Phra Somdej Soaked Holy Water image, sacred Yant at both side and embedded Gold Takrut at front with LP Koon's image at back. Supplied with original temple box and embedded LP Koon Rian at surface. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: Increase luck tremendously, Smooth sailing in life, Overcome all obstacles in life, Wealth fetching, Good in business, Overall good luck, Metta, Family Harmony, Protection from harm and danger, Good opportunity and successful in everything that you do.
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