Saturday, September 1, 2012

LP Garlong ~ Wat Khaolam - Superb Takrut Phra LukNahThong With Gold Foil BE 2550.

This is Powerful of Takrut Phra LukNahThong by LP Garlong and strongly blessed by himself in year BE2550. The Phra LukNahThong are extremely powerful in charming and Wealthy. Featured sacred Yant of Phra LukNahThong inside the Takrut and bind with thread & coated Gold Foil and series number.
LP Kalong is one of the famous guru monks who have supernatural of statement command power. That is because he has a fang in the middle of palate. LP Kalong passed away in year BE 2552.Thai Amulet Code: 1683
Monk: Luang Phor Garlong / LP Kalong.
Temple: Wat Khaolam / Wat Kowlam.
Special: This is Powerful of Takrut Phra LukNahThong with Gold Foil (Length 5.5cm) strongly blessed by LP Garlong on Grand Ceremony in year BE 2550. This Takrut LukNahThong is strongly blessed 7 times of Grand Ceremony at Wat Khaolam and Wat Suthat by LP Kalong and many Top monks. Featured sacred Yant of Phra LukNahThong inside the Takrut with binded sacred thread & coated Gold Foil. This Efficacious Takrut LukNahThong is made 29999 pcs and with written series number 29412 and sacred Yant. The Phra LukNahThong is extremely powerful in Charming & Wealthy. Supplied with temple pack. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine. I highly recommend to you.
According to Ramayana story: Phra LukNahThong is one of brothers Phra Rama. Phra LukNahThong have ‘one face, two hands with golden body, wearing Gold Crown and born in the house of Narayana Incarnation. He is a bravery, honestly person, wise and always helps solve any problems for Phra Rama. He has a miraculous dagger as his weapon and he give it a swing, the world had shake from its tremendous power.The characteristic of him is his gold body, which make Phra Luk a great admirable person from the day he was born and is symbol of the great charm and admiration.He was one of the most Rich & Fortunate people of the world at his timeEffect: Bring extremely in Charming and Admiration, Great bring Wealthy and Properity, Protection from harm and evil, Good opportunity and successful in everything that you do.
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