Thursday, December 24, 2015

(code:6021) ~ LP Liew & LP Koon ~ Wat Raitong - Excellent Permanent Wealthy PhayaTao Turtle King Nur Nawak BE 2538.

This is Permanent Wealthy & Powerful Turtle King - PhayaTao Nur Nawak materials, strongly blessed by LP Liew & LP Koon in year BE2538. According to the Chinese traditional Feng Shui science “Tao” or turtle is a kind of Good Fortune animal because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards, a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life. This sacred Nawak PhayaTao Turtle with Code 'gold'.
 LP Liew - Wat RaitangThong, is the guru monk who makes the King Turtle amulets (Pa Ya Tow). The Pa Ya Tow (King Turtle) became the symbol of LP Liew. LP has been an expert of concentration of midfulness in Buddhism way and passed away on 4 September BE 2543.
LP Koon - Wat BanRai, is very good in dhamma and samadi, He also known to possess Wichah (magic). LP Koon's fame reached new heights in 1993, when a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed hotel clutching an amulet with his image on it. Stories about of LP Khun's followers who have won the lottery.Luang Phor Koon chanted the most amulets in Thailand. Many temples and people would create the amulets and asked him to bless. Luang Phor Koon is very powerful in the Wichah (magic).
Thai Amulet Code: 6021
Monk: LP Liew & LP Koon.
Temple: Wat RaiThong (Wat RaitangThong).
Special: This Powerful Permanent Wealthy PhayaTao Turtle King Nur Nawak (Height 4.1cm) strongly blessed by LP Liew & LP Koon in year BE2538 by Grand Ceremony and 90 Top Monks participated. Featured with Phra SangKaChai and LP Liew image with Code 'gold' and added silver marking at the Head of both side. This sacred of PhayaTao is made from sacred Nawak materials and mixed with old metal materials from temple. Both side is featured with Powerful sacred Yant and codes to easy to identity. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine. Supplied with Casing. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: Bring succees in Business, Prosperity, Fertility and Long life. Wealthy fetching, Dispel all evil dangers and troubles. Phra SangKaChai bring Happiness, laughter, abundance, wisdom and contentment.

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