Friday, January 1, 2016

(code:6050) ~ PT Goir ~ Wat Cinpraditharam - Superb Phra Pidta Mai KeeRek Wood - Beautiful Wooden Line BE 2557.

Rare to find Phra Pidta Mai Keerek Wood, strongly blessed by Phor Than Goir in year BE2557 and with high-skill handcrafted by native artisan from sacred Mai KeeRek Wood. This sacred Mai KeeRek Wood only can found in deep jungle of Thai-Myanmar border, this hundred years old sacred Mai KeeRek wood trunk have a beautiful wood line and strong aura. This sacred Pidta carved from the center of Mai KeeRek wood trunk where the most strong aura is located.
PT Goir is Abbot of Wat CinpradiTharam in Kelantan. He is one of the most respect monks in Kelantan and PT Goir have deep knowledge to created the powerful amulets. He went to Tudong in deep jungle in Thailand to gain knowledge and earn good Karma. 
Thai Amulets Code: 6050
Monk: PT Goir.
Temple: Wat CinpradiTharam - Kelantan.
Special: This Rare to find Phra Pidta Mai KeeRek Wood (height 2.9cm) strongly blessed by PT Goir in year BE2557 and 100% high-skill handcrafted by native artisan. This strong Energy Mai KeeRek Wood was hundred years old and can found in deep jungle of Thai-Myanmar border. Hundred years of Mai KeeRek have the beautiful wood line and strong aura. This sacred Pidta is carved from the center of Mai KeeRek wood trunk where the most strong aura is located. Finally boost the power by PT Goir blessing. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: Old Mai KeeRek can Protect from bad influence, ghost and evil. Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good fortune especially business and authority, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune.
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