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(code:7290) ~ Ajahn Nong ~ Wat Saikow - Superb Of LP Thuad 72 Phi Pim M16 Nur Wahn BE 2534.

The is powerful of LP Thuad 72 Phi Pim M16 Nur Wahn - 72nd Birthday Batch, strongly blessed by Ajahn Nong in year BE2534. This sacred LP Thuad known by its nickname the LP Thuad M16 because the bandits took M16 rifles were fired at the devotee that worn this LP Tuad M16 without a single bullet penetrating his skin.
 Ajahn Nong Of Wat Saikow is regarded as one of the pioneers in the creation of LP Tuad amulets. Amulets of LP Tuad made by Ajahn Nong of Wat Saikow have been known to be as efficacious as those created by Ajahn Tim of Wat ChangHai. Ajahn Nong had been involved in the production of all batches of Phra Luang Phor Tuad from Wat ChangHai from the 1st batch in the year BE 2497 till his passing in the year BE 2541.
Thai Amulet Code: 7290
Monk: Ajahn Nong.
Temple: Wat Saikow
Special: This is Powerful LP Thuad 72 Phi Pim M16 Nur Wahn (Height 3cm) strongly blessed by Ajahn Nong of Wat Saikow in the year BE2534 for his 72 years old Birthday. This sacred batch LP Thuad Pim M16 is consider second batch with '72 Birthday' Chop at back and blessed in same year with first batch LP Thuad M16 in year BE2534. This Efficacious LP Tuad M16 is made from special mixture of many kinds of sacred Holy powder, sacred herbs, plants, leaves and sacred powder Nur Wahn. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine.
Famously-documented reports that the driver of the truck found to be wearing a piece of the LP Tuad M16 (first batch) amulet, who was seated in the front of the truck when the bandits took M16 rifles were fired at him. He had miraculously survived with not a single bullet penetrating his skin.
Effect: Saving the lives of people from seemingly fatal automobile accidents, Strong protection from harm and danger, Overcome all obstacles in life.
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