Monday, June 19, 2017

(code:8145) ~ Ajahn Deng ~ Wat Rai - Powerful LP Thuad Lang Taulit Nur Nawak BE 2553.

This is Powerful of LP Thuad Lang Taulit Nur Nawak, strongly blessed by Ajahn Deng in year BE2553. This sacred LP Thuad Lang Taulit is made from sacred Nawak materials and mixed with Holy Yant Sheet materials. Featured sacred LP Thuad Lang Taulit have with image of LP Thuad at front. Additional with sacred Yants, Bullet Shape Yants, Codes and series number at back.
 Ajahn Deng - Wat Rai, currently blessed the new batch of LP Tuad BE2554. The local Thailand newspaper also published the new LP Tuad by Ajahn Deng. Ajahn Deng is famous for his powerful LP Tuad amulets and Bullet Takruts, Thai Army in Pattani province like his amulets very much. 
Thai Amulets Code: 8145
Monk: Ajahn Deng.
Temple: Wat Rai Bangtawa (Pattani).
Special: This is Powerful of LP Thuad Lang Taulit Nur Nawak (Height 3.8cm) strongly blessed by Ajahn Deng in year BE2553. This sacred LP Thuad Lang Taulit is made from sacred Nawak materials and mixed with Holy Yant Sheet materials. Featured sacred LP Thuad Lang Taulit have with image of LP Thuad at frontAdditional with sacred Yants, Bullet Shape Yants, Codes and series number at backSupplied with the original temple box. Highly efficacious LP Thuad amulets.
Effect: Increase Luck Tremendously, Strong protection from harm and danger, Enjoyed peace and prosperity, Overcome all obstacles in life, Good in business and overall good luck.
MYR 260 - Powerful LP Thuad Lang Taulit Nur Nawak by Ajahn Deng BE2553.
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