Wednesday, June 13, 2018

(code:9558) ~ Somdet Phra PuttharKosajarn ~ Wat Suthat - Superb Nawak Phra Kring Chakapat With Kring Ball Inside BE 2546.

This is all the time Powerful of Nawak Phra Kring Chakapat With Kring Ball Inside, strongly blessed in Grand ceremony at Wat Suthat for 9 days 9 nights and 9 countries Top Monks were participated chanted in year BE 2546 for celebrated 72 years old birthday of Somdet Phra PuttharKosajarn. Indeed to create this series Phra Kring, old Phra Kring amulets were used as one of the many components to ensure that the amulets were as sacred as possible. This Phra Kring is Committee batch with 2 codes & Series Number 1525.
Somdet Phra PhuttharKosajarn is past Abbot of Wat Suthat. Over the years, many well known and respected Top Monks have emerged from Wat Suthat, such as Somdet Phra SangKaraj Pae, Chao Khun Sri Son and many others that I might not be aware of. The most famous and powerful amulets created by Wat Suthat is called Phra Kring and the most efficacious Nawahola materials.
Thai Amulet Code: 9558
Monk: Somdet Phra PhuttharKosajarn blessed 9 days 9 nights with 9 Countries Top Monks.
Temple: Wat Suthat.
Special: This Superb Famous of Nawak Phra Kring Chakapat With Kring Ball Inside (Height 4.4cm) was consecrated in year BE2546 of 25th Jan - 2nd Feb. This is Super Grand Blessing Ceremony at Wat Suthat for 9 days 9 nights and 9 Countries Top Monks were participated in blessing for celebrated 72nd years old Birthday of Somdet Phra PhuttharKosajarn. This sacred Phra Kring is made from sacred Nawakhola materials and mixed with Holy Yant sheets & old Phra Kring amulets. Featured with Kring inside and have Kring sound when shaking. This is Phra Kring Committee batch with 'Dhamma Wheel' code at back and base with 2 code (***code is different because of different Buddhas Name for the Phra Kring) & with series number 1525 and made 13440 pcs. For Phra Kring Chakapat have 672 Buddhas Name. Highly collectible, in excellent condition and entirely genuine. Supplied with original temple box.
Special Pim of Red base made 672pcs. Gold base made 672 pcs. Black base made 672 pcs.
Yellow base made 4032 pcs. White base made 4032 pcs.
Committee batch 3 code without series number made 13440 pcs.
Committee batch 2 code with series number made 13440 pcs.
And not included all others batch, such as Phra Kring Rian.
***All code are different because of 672 Buddhas Name.

Effect: Increase good health, improve good luck and business luck, unimaginable wealth, overcome all odds, You can achieving success.

MYR 990 - Excellent Nawak Phra Kring Chakapat With Kring Ball Inside by Wat Suthat BE2546.

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