Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LP Dum ~ Wat Santitham - GumanThong Big Ear Bucha + Salika Real Gold Takrut BE 2552.

Very Powerful Big Ear GumanThong, add on hand wrote Billion Wealthy Yant by LP Dum himself, blessed in year BE 2552 with series number 11. Featured Bone, GumanThong LoopLor, Cremation Coin and Real Gold Takrut + silver and copper Takruts.
LP Dum, the Master of traditional Khmer Magic sacred art of creating amulets.Code: 309.
Monk: LP Dum.
Temple: Wat Santitham.
Special: Special Edition Big Ear GumanThong Bucha with SALIKA Real GOLD takrut + Silver and Copper Takruts, created in limited unit only - Series Number 11. Chanting and blessing by LP Dum in year BE 2552 and featured 3 GumanThong LoopLor + Bone 2 pieces + Cremation's Coin 4 pieces. Add on hand wrote Billion Wealthy Yant by LP Dum himself. This is one GumanThong Amulet that I can highly recommend to anyone.
Effect: Helping you solve problem easily, Improve to strong money luck and strong business luck, Good in relationship, your business can grow when everything is going your way, Money fecthing, Strong protection by GumanThong.
SOLD ,Thanks for support.tcyh
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