Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LP Goy ~ Wat Kow Din Tai - Mini Bucha GumanThong DoopSop 1 Solid Takrut BE 2551.

Strong and Powerful - Luang Phor Goy's GumanThong DoopSop 6cm height, was welcome the wealth luck fortune from all 8 directions. Please take note that these GumanThong are created by followed the old way of original GumanThong that made by General Khun Paen himself, these are powerful consecrated item which use in specific purpose. The wearer may attach by the blessing of GumanThong's spirits which need to pay respect and worshiping the right way for the most effectiveness use and powerful grant in fortune.

The user must not doing the bad karma and always pay respect to the spirits. Do not unbind the red thread.
LP Goy - Wat KowDinTai is good at Powerful consecrates Khmer science such as blessing his amulets like GumanThong, Khun Paen, other Holy items are now well-known all around Thailand for bring fast wealth luck fortune, protection from harm and successful in any purpose.Code: 345. Monk: LP Goy.
Temple: Wat KowDinTai.
Special: This Mini Bucha GumanThong DoopSop 2nd batch was blessed by LP Goy himself in year BE 2551 - 6cm height. Made from chanted Holy Guman ashes, Soils from 7 graveyards, Takean wood's Powder, LP Goy applied the White Holy Powder on the head of Gumarnthong's and at the back Yant are the herb applied and chanted by LP Goy himself to invite the GumanThong spirit and binded with the red thread to keep the soul/spirit stay in their new body. A Solid Takrut applied at the bottom. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: GumanThong are famously use to raise fortune. Those who have never be poor or hungry again. Fast raise in career, success with full prosperity. And all peaceful smooth in life fortune. GumanThong warning the coming danger and protect those who own them, Fast raise in luck and drawing wealth, Bring all successful in life.
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