Thursday, November 3, 2016

(code:7249) ~ Ajahn Nikom ~ Samnak - Powerful Bucha 5" Phra Ngang GoldenEyes MahaSaney With Holy Treasures BE 2558.

 Ajahn Nikom, SuphanBuri province is famous for his wicha (magic) and has been weel known to created Powerful GumanThong, Phra Ngang, Lersi and many other amulets. His fame spreads to as far as Hong Kong and TV show from Hong Kong also reported the efficacious amulets from Ajahn Nikom.
Thai Amulet Code: 7249
Monk: Ajahn Nikom or Ajahn Kom.
Temple: Samnak, SuphanBuri province.
Special: This is Powerful of Bucha 5" Phra Ngang GoldenEyes MahaSaney With Holy Treasures (Height 29cm) strongly blessed by Ajahn Nikom in year BE2558. Featured stunning image of Bucha 5" Phra Ngang with GoldenEyes, sacred Yants and Bound with Red Rope at the bucha and name details at back. Additional with applied sacred Holy powder on the bucha and embedded sacred Rian Phra Ngang, 2 Silver Takruts, Shell & Coin at bottom. This sacred Bucha 5" Phra Ngang is made from sacred Resin materials and added partly Golden Pik Thong on the body. I highly recommend to you.
Katha: Ak Jang Ngang Ngang Anu Lomah Pati ChaYante.
Effect: Strong in Bring Popularity, Excellent for Attractiveness, Powerful to raise Fortune, Fast raise in career, success with full prosperity. And evading all Danger.
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