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(code:9175) ~ Ajahn Khun Pan ~ Wat Nason - Powerful Phra YodKhunPon With Phra Rahu Nur Phong BE 2547.

Ajahn Khun Pan (Khun Phantharak Rajadej), former chief of Police in the old days.  Ajahn Khun Pan believed to be the last commoner holding the noble title Khun(General), died of old age in Nakhon Si Thammarat aged 103. His body was given royal bathing rites. Ajahn Khun Pan is very well-known for his Visha (magic) and was frequently invited to participate in amulet consecration ceremonies around Thailand. 
Thai Amulet Code: 9175
Monk: Ajahn Khun Pan & Top Monks.
Temple: Wat Nason, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Special: This is Efficacious of Phra YodKhunPon With Phra Rahu Nur Phong (Height 4.5cm) strongly blessed by Ajahn Khun Pan & Top Monks in year BE2547 included at Wat Mahathat, Deep Sea, City Pillar Lak Muang and Wat Nason. Featured sacred Old Style Phra YodKhunPon image at front. Additional with image Phra Rahu and name details at back and with Chop Code at bottom. This sacred Phra YodKhunPon is made from sacred Nur Holy 108 Powder materials with mixed many Holy Herbs materials. Supplied with temple box and Casing. I highly recommend to you.
Wat Nason, an ancient temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, meaning City of the Sacred Dhamma King. was the origin of the now famous ancient sacred series of amulets known as Phra YodKhun Pon - Wat Nason. The other two series were Phra Nak Prok - Wat NangTra, Phra Prok Bodhi - Wat Ta Ruer. The three series together are known as "Phra Kru Tripakee of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province".

The Princess Supatra created a memorial temple to the lost vessels (Jatukam Ramathep princes take the relics away by sea and head to Sri Lanka. Halfway through the journey, a thunderstorm struck and their ships were sunken. The two princes who survived were washed ashore and built a temple in Southern Thailand, what is now known as Wat Mahathat), and this is the temple that is known today as Wat Nangtra Supatra. The temple is thought to be the origin of many modern day style pims such as Pim Nak Prok, Pim Paltai etc....
Effect: Strong blessing fortune, Protection from harm and danger, Smooth sailing in life, Overcome all obstacles in life, Good in business, Good opportunity and successful in everything that you do, Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims
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Powerful Phra YodKhunPon With Phra Rahu Nur Phong by Ajahn Khun Pan BE2547.
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